Westmoore Elementary's Mission, Beliefs and Vision page

Mission, Beliefs and Vision


Westmoore Elementary School Believes: 

          Mission - The Westmoore School family will provide a safe, positive environment that results in academic growth and character development for every student.

Vision - Westmoore Elementary is committed to
actively engaging all students in the learning
process within a nurturing, safe environment. We
value our students and community. We are
committed to excellence in learning that
enhances student achievement.

Our Staff Believes in:
Working to develop students who demonstrate: 

             Perseverance, Respect, Ownership, Unity, & Dependability.

Meeting the needs of ALL students.
Establishing partnerships with students, parents and community members.
Supporting student development and achievement in a safe and positive
learning environment.

At Westmoore we are proud of our heritage.

We honor those that paved the way for us with our House System. Each house is named
after one of the founding schools of Westmoore and represents one of our five core values.

The House of Moody represents Perseverance.
The House of Needham’s Grove represents Respect.
            The House of Dover represents Ownership.
The House of Acorn Ridge represents Unity.
The House of Melton represents Dependability.


  • Westmoore Elementary
  • 2159 South NC Hwy 705, Seagrove, NC 27341
  • 910-464-3401
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